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P: (310) 800-1494  I  E: contact@ideosinstitute.com

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Season I, Episode I: The Pursuit with Richard Mouw
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WATCH: No, You Cannot Touch My Hair.

Author: Mena Fombo

Through her own personal story and the hair-raising experiences of other women and girls, Mena Fombo’s TEDxBristol talk is a witty, yet compelling and sometimes dark exploration of the objectification of black women. It's an issue she has spent a lifetime experiencing and exploring, with both a political and creative lens.

WATCH: No, You Cannot Touch My Hair.


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The IDEOS Institute is a faith-based media and consulting group working to find solutions to contemporary spaces of communal, cultural and geopolitical conflict at the intersection of reconciliation and personal story.


We focus on the transformative power of story and narrative as a medium to bring together people with different and sometimes opposing perspectives and to identify common values and goals. From there we bridge the ideological divides that challenge collaboration and the mutual understanding necessary for the design of effective and sustainable solutions. As a result, new ideas are formed, relationships are restored, and healing begins. 

At IDEOS we are working to transform the future of conflict one story at a time.

We work to redefine conflict as a transformative and spiritually beneficial process, and as a practice that - when entered into in a manner that elevates relationships above difference and human dignity above disagreements - can lead to stronger commitments and more sustainable outcomes.

We offer conversational and relational tools and strategies that strengthen the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources needed to thrive in an increasingly diverse and complex world, thus leading to respectful and meaningful relationships.

We bring together individuals and groups from across the ideological and theological spectrum to discuss challenging and polarizing issues; encourage new ideas for living well in community and across difference; and, create platforms for personal and communal connection.

Our goal is to inspire change in individuals, organizations and communities through personal transformation and interpersonal connection - the primary driver of social and communal change - to engage differently in the face of social division, political polarization and conflict.


  • Media and issue-based story development

  • Consulting and custom program design services for organizational advancement and culture change

  • Writing and public speaking

  • APERTURE:Creating a 360 lens through the power of story and narrative on the challenging issues of the day

IDEOS remains one of the the only Christian policy and practice centers solely focused on effecting change at the ground and policy levels by engaging Christ's ministry of reconciliation to overcome strongholds and divisions. Your financial support and partnership helps ensure our ministry and impact continue into the future.


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