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Narratives for Organizational



Helping groups tell stories that advance internal cohesion, change organizational culture, and create environments of trust and connection as the building blocks for organizational advancement.

The D.N.A. Project
Tap into the power of narrative change 

Tap into the power of narrative change and help your organization:


  1.  Advance internal cohesion

  2.  Change organizational culture

  3.  Create an environment of trust and connection

  4.  Accurately communicate and express your values and mission 

  5.  Increase awareness and memorability among clients and community stakeholders

  6.  Build a high-performance culture and drive increased productivity

  7.  Attract and retain the right people

The D.N.A project is a 12-month narrative change process that helps groups and organizations like yours build greater communal and corporate identity through the expression of story and narrative. These then become the catalyst for environments of trust and connection - the building blocks for organizational culture and advancement.


The D.N.A. Project
Designed to help your organization thrive 

Did you know that...

Your organizational culture and narratives:

Serve as the foundation for organizational effectiveness and corporate cohesion (i.e. your organization’s “DNA”)?

Directly influence how your organization, and people, process information and make decisions? 


Influence your organization's success, including how well you manage and transform conflicts?


Create environments of trust and connection - the building block for organizational culture and advancement?




The D.N.A. Approach
Designed to transform your organizational culture 

Our approach to narrative change is based on an iterative process that includes:


Information gathering discussions with your organization’s leadership and key stakeholders to understand your organizational shared goals and values. And the people directly affected by them (employees, customers, shareholders) as well as the areas where they differ

Interviews with internal and external audiences to better understand how effectively narratives are both operationalized and communicated

Strategy discussions to discuss findings and design new or enhance your existing narratives and messaging for real-world application and with an eye toward creating a more welcoming, trusting, and relational environment

Concluding event that provides opportunities to highlight the success of the initiative and to hear individual stories as they relate to the new narrative and culture. This can also serve as a space where individuals can articulate and record personal meaning and value to the process (optional)

At the end of the D.N.A process, you will:

Have a cultural narrative and strategy that communicate

the values and mission of your organization

Be aware of and connect to your organization legacy

and story on a much deeper level

Be rooted deeply in your organization culture and

aligned with your mission and practices

Find the connections between them and the community

Have a strategy and platforms for continuous narrative

sharing and celebration

Your D.N.A. Results
Designed for immediate results and lasting impact

Discover D.N.A.
Your D.N.A. journey starts now! 

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